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Client Feedback

I would highly recommend Dial-A-Dog-Wash. Tracy is the lady that grooms my dog Tina. Tracy is so good with her as she is a very nervous dog. I would not have any one else as Tina feels comfortable with her and she does a great job with her grooming. Wendy & Tina

I would just like to say how pleased I was with the service Tracy provided for me and Toby this morning, it was such a joy to have him clean and tidy without the stress. I am disabled and it is impossible for me to do it myself so what luck in finding such a great service and no traveling too ! Well done! Clive Ray & Toby

Tracy is really good with Zeus he trusts her and likes her. She does a lovely job on him he always looks lovely after! Jackie & Zeus

What a fabulous hair cut and Tracy really looked after Digby. Just to let you know I am so pleased! Rebecca and Digby